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Florence and Hills Motorcycle Tour

9:00 am to 6:00 pm        $465 per person        Every Day, March the 1st to November the 1st

This amazing itinerary will have you driving a Harley-Davidson motorcycle through the most captivating roads in and around Florence.

You’ll experience the Chianti wine hills, one of the best motorcycle drives in the world, the Fiesole hillside and small town livelihood, an unbelievable full lunch of Tuscan local produce with meats from the best butcher in Chianti and award winning wines for you to enjoy.

This captivating tour will give you the highlights of Florence and the hills around it in one amazing day of splendid hillside walled roads, unique sceneries, unforgettable food and wine and truly the best that Florence has to offer for the contemporary biker !

We’ll meet up at the local Harley-Davidson dealership, fit you with the best ride and helmets that H-D has to offer and then go about our adventure. We’ll start easy with one of the most inspiring views of Florence from the hills then venture into Chianti wine heaven for an amazing itinerary though resplendent hills. At each stop your guide will regale you with splendid stories of the Italian past and unique local lore.

We have lunch in the heart of hearts of the Chianti wine region, Panzano, at the best known restaurant of the area. After lunch (and a strong Italian espresso coffee!) we’ll head back to Florence for a view from the hills on the opposite side, where the small town of Fiesole will warm your heart and gift you one the best views in the world.

Out tour ends back at the Harley-Davidson dealership after a full day out of pure and unadulterated fun !

This one-day wonder will fill your heart with Tuscan memories to treasure forever!

Length : 9:00 am to 6:00 pm
Place : Via Pratese,99 - 50145 Firenze
Price : $ 465 per person
Highlights :
  • Rental of a Harley-Davidson motorcycle
  • Superb lunch of Tuscan meats with wine tasting experience included
  • The most incredible sights Florence has to offer
  • Walking/shopping/eating/photo breaks at your leisure
  • Very limited liability Insurance, Drive without worries !

Motorcycle Tour Frequently Asked Questions

  • » Rental of your motorcycle
  • » Very Limited liability Insurance Included, ride without worries !
  • » Helmets, Rain Gear
  • » Standard 3rd Party Liability Insurance
  • » Wine Tasting Experience
  • » Full lunch
  • » Gas for your motorcycle
  • » Permits to enter any restricted areas (ZTL)
  • » Toll Fees or Fines
What does "Very limited liability Insurance" mean for me ?
It means we want you to drive without any worries.
In case of damages and/or theft you are on the hook for €900 maximum only.
No matter how bad it is !
So we meet at the Harley dealer ?
Yes. A taxi from the center of florence to the dealer will cost you around 15 euros and take 15 minutes max.
The address is Harley Davidson Speedshop Florence, Via Pratese, 99 Firenze
Can we store our luggage someplace ?
Sure, no problem.
And free of charge :)