Frequently Asked Questions

Where does the tour begin and end ?
Our clubhouse is at Via Gherardo Silvani 149 A. You can reach us by private car, taxi (call 0554390) or on public bus 36 or 36A from the station or city centre.
How do I catch the bus?
The 36 or 36A bus leaves right outside the Santa Maria Novella train station, about every 20 minutes. Buy a ticket at a tabacconist (with a large T sign out front) (€1.20) and stamp on the bus. Tickets are also available from the driver (€2).
The bus stop to get off at is Silvani 05, walk in the same direction of the bus, past the roundabout, in 200 meters the sidewalk ends and across the street you'll see Villa Le Piazzole and 500 Touring Club entrance, you have arrived !
How many people fit in the car ?
3 adults comfortably, or 2 adults and 2 kids. 4 adults is quite a squeeze.
Do I need an international driving permit ?
No, but your license should be written in English or using the Roman alphabet.
Are there alternative meal options ?
Yes, if you require a special diet for health or religious purposes we can accommodate you, just please request beforehand.
What’s the difference between a Wine Tasting and a Picinc, really ?
The Wine tasting is the drive + light lunch + wine tasting in the cellar of the Villa.
The Picnic is the drive + full lunch + wine tasting, outside by the pool of the Villa (bring a bathing suit ! or not, we have them for sale)
What if we all want to drive ?
We put 2 people in each car, but you can sometimes trade places, at the discretion of the guide.
Just make sure you both go through the training at the beginning of the tour.
What happens if the weather is bad ?
As long as it’s just light rain the tour goes ahead, it’s still more fun than being in the city in the rain!
If the rain gets heavy we usually stop for a coffee, or delay the start, or we can put you on another tour.
We want to make sure you get to enjoy a tour in the cars in the safest way possible.
Is it hard to drive a Vespa ?
Not at all ! If you know how to ride a bicycle driving an italian Vespa will come naturally to you.
Plus there's a nice Safety and Instructions briefing before the tour and you get to test drive your Vespa on a private road with no traffic :)
Can we both ride on one Vespa ?
Of course ! These beautiful scooters were designed to accomodate one or two riders with the same comfort and safety.
What about helmets ?
You'll be given a helmet of the size that fits better for safety and comfort.
It is mandatory to wear one here on any two-wheeler and we take your safety very seriously.
What about wine tasting and drunk driving ?
Great news! Our start and end location is in the grounds of the villa where we do the wine tasting, so there are no public roads after wine tasting, just 1km of private road drive.
A member of our group is disabled, how can you accommodate them ?
Please let us know beforehand, as the cellar is not wheelchair accessible but we will move the wine tasting location so all can enjoy.
We can fit a closed wheelchair in one of our cars.
We have babies! Can we come on tour ?
Yes! Please let us know if you need a child seat.
Only the front seats have seatbelts, so any additional children should sit with a parent in the backseat.
Are the cars safe ?
Absolutely. They are vintage cars, so no airbags, seatbelts in the backseats or ABS brakes, but they are in top working condition and you are given precise instructions on how to handle them well.
What is this double clutch business ?
It’s not hard at all. We give you a full demonstration before the tour and a practice run before you get behind the wheel.
Essentially it involves clutching into neutral, revving the gas, then clutching into the next gear.
It is very important that you are a regular MANUAL car driver, as this is not the place to learn the manual gearbox.
We’re coming in on a cruise. Can we join the tour ?
Yes! The Wine Tasting Tour works best for your schedule, and you need to get to our clubhouse by 11:30am. It’s best to catch a transfer from Livorno and see if they can drop you at our location, though you should have time to come up on the bus as well.
I’m travelling alone. Is that ok ?
Absolutely! We don’t play matchmaker, but you can either drive your own car or ride with the guide.
Can I take a car home with me ?
Who are we to stand in the way of true love? We have helped several people find the car of their dreams, so try us!
All drivers must be experienced and confident with driving with Manual gearboxes… say what ?
Our Fiat 500 are original in all their 1960s glory thus require experienced drivers who drive or have driven a car with manual transmission before.
If you are used to automatic and have never driven stick before it definitely is too much of a challenge to learn to drive a Fiat 500 and enjoy the tour at the same time !
We suggest you book your tour with us on a Vespa scooter instead, which is also a lot of fun !
Driving age and Drinking age
In Italy the driving age is 18. You can drink alcohol over 16 and you can purchase it over 18.

You need to be 21 to drive a Vespa in Italy

Our cancellation policy
Our policy for cancellation provides a full refund within 48 hours of tour date with written notice. More details can be found downaloading a reading our Tour Terms PDF file here
How do I get back to Florence / my hotel ?
At the end of the tour your guide will call a taxi for you or direct you to the bus stop which is right outside of our gate.